Thursday, May 14, 2015


Survey - A Survey Article is based on the information collected in a survey on any topic or problem of your choice. This kind of article is only as good as the knowledge and diversity of people surveyed. Examples: Survey magazine editors about their pet peeves when dealing with writers, and write an article for a writer’s publication; or write up the stories of several families who are caring for aging parents/grandparents.

Travel Piece - An article that gives insights and information on traveling to a specific destination. Avoid large tourist attractions or areas. It is best to find a unique angle or out-of-the-way places that haven’t been covered hundreds of times. Also look for new and different types of destinations, such as eco-tourism (traveling to locations where you view nature from the viewpoint of preservation). Travel articles almost always require photographs, so take your own professional shots (advisable if you plan to do a lot of travel articles) or see what is available through the area’s public relations office, Chamber of Commerce, or tourist bureau. Examples: Not Disneyland the theme park, but what happens underground, backstage with the Disney characters, who cares for the landscaping, or what it’s like to work in the park. Or cover a geographical area focusing on the diversity of food, a particular type of art, or the architecture.

Trend Analysis - An article based on an analysis of a current trend. Example: An article on whether or not Christian men are reading more, or whether more Christian parents are home schooling their children.

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