Saturday, May 2, 2015


Humor - Most Christian and secular publishers are in the market for humor, but few people can write it well. Humor is currently the 12th most popular topic or type of article in the Christian market (out of over 120 topics). Of course, in this market the humor must have a purpose or a point. Even people who can be very funny in person may have difficulty writing funny—it takes very different skills, because you must be funny without depending at all on sight, sound, tone of voice, inflection, or any of the techniques that aid in-person humor. 

Usually it is best to stick to ordinary subjects everyone can relate to. Generally
speaking, editors will want to see a complete manuscript rather than a query (unless

they require a query). Humor articles need to be short—not full-length features—and

on a single topic. Besides articles, there is a market for humor in newspapers, books,

fillers, scripts, greeting cards, cartoons, jokes, poetry, and even speeches.

Because it is hard to query with humor, send the complete manuscript if

you can. If the market requires a query, you’ll have to send one, but in that case,

include a humorous excerpt from your article in the query letter to give them a sample

of how well you write humor.

Example: Article comparing the similarities between giving a 5 year-old or a

teenager their first taste of independence.

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