Monday, May 4, 2015


Interview - An interview article could be a personality profile, or deal with a particular organization, event, project or program presented in an article format. However, usually when we talk about an interview article it is written in an interview format like a script, simply giving the interviewer’s question, followed by the subject’s answer. When a periodical indicates that they want interview articles, you will need to study some sample copies to see which type they want. Most editors seem to prefer one type or the other, while a few will consider either. Obviously this will not just be a transcript of the interview. After the interview, it is the author’s job to select from the full transcript of the interview those questions and answers that will create a finished product that reflects the intended purpose of the article. In some cases you will need to edit or shorten the subject’s response, which is all right as long as you do not change the essence of what they said. What this type of interview article often does is give the readers of the publication access to the knowledge or insight of a subject who would not have the time, writing ability or inclination to write an article himself. So select your subjects carefully, determining which ones would be of most interest to the readers of a particular publication.

Examples: Interview a scientist about a new scientific or medical discovery (and/or someone who is living with the condition or disease); interview a politician about new legislation being introduced; interview a new pastor about how things will
change at the church under his leadership.

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