Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Service Piece - This type of article gives the reader information needed to make a decision concerning the use of certain items, services or facilities. It usually focuses on one particular category, and gives them as much information as possible on several options so they can make the right choice for them. For example, a service piece on day-care providers in your area would include a description and comparison of the various ones available. These would sell to a local or regional magazine or newspaper, not a national ones. (They can be done on a national level, but it is harder to find a suitable topic since most people do not shop on a national level—perhaps one on shopping the Internet.) Periodicals that use service articles tend to buy them from freelancers, rather than writing them themselves, because they are time consuming. This type of piece can be boring, so study some good examples of how to make them both interesting and informative, and stick to areas where you have had some personal experience. Examples: Compare churches for most family-oriented program, teen-oriented program, or singles-oriented program; best athletic centers in your town; or best emergency facilities.

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