Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Report/Explanation - An article that gives the reader needed information on some topic of interest, either in the form of a report on a particular situation or an explanation of the facts on a given topic. Example: A lawyer explains what your legal rights are in a restaurant if you find a fly in your soup or get food poisoning.

Round-Up - Interview several different people on the same topic or who have had the same experience and write an article telling the story from the different viewpoint of each. In essence it is a survey, not a research project. The article will be based on the opinions or experiences of a number of different people (typically 3-5), not on scientific research. The key, then, is to select people who are “in the know” on your selected topic and hopefully interesting. Determine the slant of your article before you start asking questions, and focus on the questions that will support that slant. This type of article does demand a query, and often can include a sidebar. Example: The joys of first-time fatherhood; dealing with a death in the church from the viewpoint of several different pastors; or how successful women balance work and family.

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