Sunday, May 3, 2015


Inspirational - Although most people think an inspirational article is on a Christian theme, it can also refer to anything that has a spiritual or uplifting nature. Of course, it can be both. Spirituality has found a new popularity even in secular markets, so the market for this type of article is more open than ever. The purpose of an inspirational article is not to entertain, but to enrich the reader’s life with a specific take-away—something that will make a difference in how they think or feel about life. This is not the place to preach or try to inflict your deep convictions on others. These articles will often be based on a personal experience that has given you some insight you can share with others. Sometimes inspirational pieces can be tied to holidays, such as Easter or Christmas. Inspirational articles can be devotional, art-of-living, personality profiles, personal experiences, fillers, or for children (character-building pieces). Examples: Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one; re-evaluating life’s priorities after a personal crisis; or finding inspiration in an everyday event.

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